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  1. European Auto
    Something you gotta watch in action to believe - the Ferrari FFX Fahrradi Farfalla made in Germany video here: The Ferrari Pseudo-Supercar: Fahrradi Farfalla FFX Official Debut Video
  2. Motorcycle
    I came across images of one of the most beautiful bikes I've ever seen. A Beautifully Crafted Old School Steam Punked Style Muscle MotorCycle. Also known as "The TrainWreck Bike" Designed by Colby Higgins, It's Design purpose was to bring back the Visible Raw Industrialized Mechanics that were...
  3. Motorcycle
    After seeing some people on here say that a bike meet sounded good, I decided to gauge the interest. With that being said, who would be interested in an L4P Bike meet??? Everyone is of course more than welcome to come but I wanted to emphasize on bikes. :D Meeting place would depend, San Diego...
  4. Motorcycle
    Hey Guys Not many know it, the ones who know it, love it: the MonoTracer. It's a very efficiently Cabin Motorcycle built in Winterthur, Switzerland. I've seen it during the AERO (International Aviation Fair) in Friedrichshafen, Germany and I must say, I really like it!! Now some own pictures...
1-4 of 5 Results