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  1. Real Estate
    The gorgeous Beverly Hills party house at 1012 N Hillcrest Road is the best spot for entertaining. This modern beauty takes up 33,000 square feet, and it is guaranteed to impress all your posh guests, whether their interests include drinking expensive champagne or admiring rare artwork.The glass...
  2. Real Estate
    Queen Bey may have ruled Super Bowl 50’s halftime show, but Beyonce and Jay Z came out the losers in a major bidding war over this $70 million mansion. Purchased by Minecraft’s creator Notch Persson in just six days, the most expensive house ever sold in Beverly Hills came with several...
  3. Real Estate
    Beverley Hills' Palazzo di Amore is still the most expensive estate in Beverly Hills, which makes it the most expensive in the United States and after hitting the market almost a year ago, has now had its asking price slashed by 25 percent from $195 million to $149 million. The property was...
  4. Automotive
    By now everyone’s seen the clips of the infamous yellow Ferrari LaFerrari ripping around a residential neighbourhood In Beverly Hills, narrowly missing other cars and pedestrians and catching on smoke in a driveway. ( But if you missed the video, watch it here .) And if you’ve been following...
  5. Real Estate
    This house is freaking outrageous! I am pretty sure it comes complete with the batcave. TONS of pics in the SOURCE
  6. Rolls Royce/Bentley
    This 2009 Rolls Royce extended wheel base Phantom is part of the many vehicles in the fleet of Boyd Motorsports Exotic Rental in Humble, Texas. This site is under development coming soon thanks!!!!!!!
  7. Supercars
    A customized Veyron, with the stock rims painted black rather than the chrome. Personally, I like it the subtle but noticeable mods.
  8. Supercars
    We got the call from Tim O'Hara (Bugatti Brand Manager) over at O'Gara Coach Company saying that we need a Bugatti SuperSport to be picked up and dropped off before New Years! So we sent out the Express Buggie Truck to pick up the vehicle at night! In 2012, Tim said that the car is ready to be...
  9. Lamborghini
    Recently we picked up this B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L. LP-64O for two of the greatest Dealerships known to man and ALSO Luxury4play Sponsors.. :clap: :bow1: Lamborghini Beverly Hills & Symbolic Motor Car Company.:bow1: Enjoy the Pics! Peek-a-boo I see you! Stay Tuned for more Bugatti...
  10. Lamborghini Beverly Hills
    I will keep this page updated as much as possible with pictures from around our showroom.
  11. Lamborghini
    JP Logistics would like to Thank everyone who came out and supported ULE4 at the Auto Club Speedway. As some of you may know, JP Logistics was the official sponsor of ULE4. We had great sponsors this year for ULE & it would have not been possibly to have such a great event without great proud...
  12. Lamborghini
    Big Thank you to Elie of Al & Ed's Autosound and Lamborghini Beverly Hills for putting on a great Track Event! I saw SCC, JP Logistics and many other L4P fam there! Enjoy and anyone that attended please feel free to add your pictures and Videos as well.
  13. Aston Martin
    To all of our Aston Martin owners. Please bring your vehicles and enjoy the day... This is the best time to get to know your vehicle better. Aston Martin Beverly Hills will have their custom enclosed transporter along with their service technicians, instructors, food and all the goodies that...
  14. Cigars
    So as I was perusing the older L4P Cigar posts, I found an interesting post talking about a place called The Havana Room in Beverly Hills. For those of you who don't know what it is, it is an ultra-exclusive indoor cigar club that is..well its just the bees' knees! You have to be a member to get...
1-14 of 14 Results