1. Here's the Fastest, Craziest and Most Luxurious Of The Week in L4P's Top4

    Who knew that this turntable garage in a London Mansion existed? Or what really caused this Lamborghini Aventador Roadster to burn to the ground in Dubai ? Or that you can have your own piece of Hogwarts for a measly $4.2 Million . We didn't before this week, but none of these crazy stories...
  2. Best renovation projects based on budget

    Sometimes you know you want to complete some sort of renovation of your house, but you’re not sure how far your budget can actually stretch. How much does a bathroom reno cost, anyway? How much of that is labor and how much is materials? What are other factors to consider when estimating a...
  3. \ VF Supercharger updates and New info! /

    We've made several changes to our E9x M3 Supercharger lineup for this winter. There is a completely brand new **VF595 system available (full review coming soon) and new pricing for all 4 power levels we offer! VF540 $̶8̶3̶0̶0̶ --> only $7995 +126 hp | +70 ft/lbs tq 4.0-4.5 PSI...