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    I had recently purchased my 2015 Cayman GTS and one of the first thing that came to mind was how am I going to protect my baby. lol I knew I wanted to go with some kind of paint protection, but I've seen kits that only partially cover the vehicle. These are know as the pre-cut kits as I was...
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    Check out this interview guys. Just got posted today. Show Car Detailing Interview with Richard Lin | DaYUUM Richard
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    At our shop, we encounter a variety of fun cars. While we'll get the occasional McLaren, Aston Martin, or Lambo, we also get Fiskers and Maserati's, and MINIs! Ok, I know the last one doesn't really belong in that sentence, but I mention the MINI because I happen to be a MINI enthusiast and...
1-3 of 3 Results