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  1. Mid West Heres my video on it. Sorry I dont know how to upload the pictures to this post. I dont get on here that much. 2010 St. Louis European Autoshow June 13th Plaza Frontenac (next to Saks Fifth Avenue. Ladue area of ST Louis
  2. Automotive
    does anyone know when the car shows are in the central illinois region and when? is there a website? thanks -BL
  3. Automotive
    well today i went and vidded my neighbors 3 rolls royces and put it on youtube. thing is i didnt blur the license plates and i totally forgot to ask him if i could put it on youtube.. can i get in trouble for that? (the guys superrrr niceeeeee!!!)
  4. Ferrari
    whats your guys favorite ferrari? mines probably the f50, or mansory 599 gtb
1-4 of 6 Results