1. 2010 ST. Louis European Autoshow

    Mid West Heres my video on it. Sorry I dont know how to upload the pictures to this post. I dont get on here that much. 2010 St. Louis European Autoshow June 13th Plaza Frontenac (next to Saks Fifth Avenue. Ladue area of ST Louis
  2. car shows- anyone know when/where?

    does anyone know when the car shows are in the central illinois region and when? is there a website? thanks -BL
  3. can i get in trouble for...?

    well today i went and vidded my neighbors 3 rolls royces and put it on youtube. thing is i didnt blur the license plates and i totally forgot to ask him if i could put it on youtube.. can i get in trouble for that? (the guys superrrr niceeeeee!!!)
  4. Favorite Ferrari?

    whats your guys favorite ferrari? mines probably the f50, or mansory 599 gtb