ben chen

  1. The delivery of the L4P ROLLS ROYCE PHANTOM COUPE! First Pictures on the web!

    Rolls Royce/Bentley
    ATTENTION! The newest addition to the L4P Garage is the marvelous Rolls Royce Phantom Coupe! We got the call in from BC of L4P that his RR Coupe is ready to be picked up and brought over to CA! This is little of what is to come, stay tuned because this WILL be another head turner. No doubt...
  2. WALD Mercedes SLS! She looks so Purrrty... :x

    Recently got the call to go pick up a Mercedes SLS with some WALD Fabs on it! Owner has not seen the car like this, so they were pretty anxious to get their baby back! :clap: Pictures will explain more, we will leave it short! Enjoy the Pictures! :wink: DOOR TO DOOR...
  3. PRE-SEMA Coverage featuring Luxury4Play, Platinum Motorsports, Forgiato Wheels, B|B|i Autosport and JP Logistics!

    This year JP Logistics decided to hit SEMA HUNDRED TIMES Harder than any other year! With 70+ Cars already delivered to SEMA! We had cars coming in to Sin City from all around the US! :bow1: Our clients also thought that they should just blow the roof off the Las Vegas Convention Center! :clap...