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  1. Real Estate
    The Waikopua House on Waiheke Island (only 11 miles away from New Zealand) isn’t your average family beach house, not by a long shot! Built right into the luscious landscape of Waikopua Bay, the design firm behind this stunning estate used “family group camping” for concept inspiration, and...
  2. Real Estate
    An 18,000 square foot monster estate, this Vero Beach, Florida property offers eight bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and every luxury feature and finish you could possibly imagine! The beach front home’s first floor connects to an ocean-front terrace and features a glass-walled living room...
  3. Real Estate
    When the price is only available “upon request” you know the house has got to be a showstopper, and this Australian estate definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s truly stunning. Overlooking Bungan Beach in Sydney, 16 Karloo features an open plan design bathed in timber paneling, Blackbutt...
  4. Real Estate
    If you’ve got a fear of heights then the latest design from F2 Architecture probably won’t rank as your ideal home - the Australian abode floats 131 feet above the beach. That’s not just amongst the tree tops, it’s right up above them! Featuring breathtaking views of Fairhaven’s beachfront...
  5. Real Estate
    a house is just a house but in this case its designed beautifully and has the best location ever! If i was beyound rich this would be my home over any other home period! check it out! SOURCE more pics here
1-5 of 5 Results