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  1. MBZ
    HOLY SH*T! This modified Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren that we spotted in London is really a true BATMOBILE! Not only the matte black exterior with the small Batman logo, but also the exhaust sound makes it really stand out! What is your opinion on this really loud SLR McLaren?
  2. Automotive
      Out of all the cool tech the Batman movie series featured, perhaps one of the coolest things to ever come out of them was the famous Batmobile. And now you can have your very own street-legal Batmobile….so long as you’re as rich as Bruce Wayne himself. This war machine is equipped with a V8...
  3. Automotive
    Faraday Future's first supercar prototype, the FFZERO1, looks like a Batmobile that’s traded it’s armor for style. Revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, the company’s first foray into hypercars is a nice glimpse at their potential future tech. One innovative feature in the...
  4. Automotive
    It’s not the same bat-time at the same bat-channel, but the original Batmobile is up for grabs to collectors once again. Available through auction house Barrett-Jackson , it’s the original supercar from campy cult-classic Batman television series of the 1960s. It has everything you’d expect...
  5. Automotive
    The ‘Route 29 Batman’, who became a viral sensation around the world three years ago, has died. Lenny B. Robinson was struck by a car on Interstate 70 Sunday night near Hagerstown, Md., after his custom-made Batmobile broke down. The 51-year-old, who was known for dressing as the Caped...
  6. Automotive
    Hallo out there. What are you saying to this machine? Team Galag nr. 74 is (was it was for sale ) the owner of this amazing machin.
  7. Automotive
    My good friend Casey Putsch has put his one of a kind Batmobile up for sale on eBay. He wanted me to let everyone here on the 4 know about it. Having seen the car first hand I can tell you it is an incredible car. Truly unique. Someone on here needs to pick this up for gR4. We need an L4P...
  8. Automotive
    Visibly inspired by Batman, this distinctive Batmobile comes from Sweden and it almost looks like the original 1989 Batmobile. This replica of the Batmobile was built using a 1973 Lincoln Continental that took three and a half years to bring this stunner to life. While the fun element looks more...
1-8 of 9 Results