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  1. Photography
    Hey L4P, It's been a really long time since I've shared anything with you all! I've been very busy, and even getting into a new industry for myself, aviation. I've always wished to start shooting jets, and I'm glad to finally be doing it. I'd love to get even more involved in the aviation...
  2. Aviation
    After posting the 747 LAX landing that you guys all seemed to enjoy, here is another well made video showcasing a Lufthansa A380 landing in SFO from different camera angles with the captain getting a salute for his retirement at the end. Be sure to watch in HD & enjoy it before it's gone!
  3. Aviation
    I had been closely following this plane's developments ever since Boeing was in talks about creating a new aircraft known then as the 7E7. I was a part of a small group of people back then that Boeing surveyed on a regular basis when they started making this airplane. As a young kid at the time...
  4. Aviation
    Here is another one I just so happen to stumble upon and thought I'd share before it gets taken down. It really provides a glimpse into one intricate operation that takes place to keep air travel safe and enjoyable for everyone. I hope you enjoy!
  5. Aviation
    A long but great documentary of the airline that started with air mail and ended as an international carrier. Enjoy!
  6. Aviation
    A little something I came across and thought you L4P aviation buffs would enjoy. :)
  7. Aviation
    Ever since I could sound out the word "Airplane," my fascination with these flying machines only grew with age. I would always tell people as a child that'd I'd be a Pilot one day. Today after much hard work, studying, training and fun flying, my dreams came true and I'm forever grateful to...
  8. Aviation
    I had seen similar memes for different professions on the web and thought Pilots could use one of their own. Enjoy!
  9. Aviation
    Hey Guys Now some own pictures of this years AERO, an international Fair for general Aviation. If you want more, go HERE
  10. Aviation
    I wanted to share a few pics and Videos from my Helicopter ride I had last week with my friend Esteban. He is a car enthusiasts but also happens to be one of the best Helicopter Pilots around. He took me and my son up for a tour of Hollywood. We are headed back up next week for another ride. I...
  11. Aviation
    Anyone in the aircraft sales industry on L4P?
  12. Aviation
    Brand New Vans RV12 for sale by for more info on the RV12 click here: Van's Aircraft - Aircraft Models: RV-12 Introduction :) 45 years combined experience 40+ RVs completed & flying Licensed A&P TruTrak Systems Authorized Dealer & Installer Extensive composite & sheet...
  13. Aviation
    MD 500 owners.. Stop thru..
  14. Aviation
    The Most Expensive Plane in the World
1-14 of 14 Results