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  1. Lamborghini
    During our car spotting trip to London we saw a bunch of Lamborghini Aventador SVs! It looked like a true invasion of Aventador SVs! Which one do you like the most in terms of exhaust sound? And what about the looks? Let us know your favorite down below in the comments!
  2. Lamborghini
    For all the fans of the Lamborghini Aventador (SV), we made this special compilation! It is all about Lamborghini Aventador (SV) CRAZINESS! Flames, insane loud revs, accelerations.. all the sounds and action is in here! Which Aventador is your favorite in this video? Which one has the best...
  3. Lamborghini
    This summer in London was epic! There was a true INVASION of Lamborghini Aventadors, and among them were quite a lot of colorful Arab Aventador SV's. This video includes the Aventadors driving around London, doing revs and accelerations! Enjoy!
  4. Lamborghini
    During Supercar Sunday 2016, held at the TT Circuit Assen in The Netherlands, there were 5 different Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV's present! Among them was the one from the famous DJ Afrojack, unfortunately that one wasn't driving around the track. But the video includes several downshifts...
  5. Lamborghini
    A day later than we hoped, but here it is! The video of the 2016 Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 Superveloce doing LOUD REVS at a supercar meeting in the Netherlands! What do you think of the exhaust sound of the new Aventador SV? We absolutely love it!
  6. Automotive
    There are Lamborghini Diablos, and there are Lamborghini Diablo SVs. This one’s the latter. The SV – which stands for ‘Super Veloce’, or really fast – was the last model that offered a V12, a manual, and rear-wheel drive. Despite being 17 years old, this Diablo SV being sold in Montreal...
  7. Automotive
    Remember that time before Lamborghini sold supercars besides the Aventador SV and Centenario? Yeah, the Lamborghini flagship models were so cool that it’s difficult to remember what Lambo was doing pre-awesomeness. This should jumpstart your memory: this is the Veneno, another exotic car from...
  8. Lamborghini
    Last summer we went to London and saw some incredible cars. One that we saw very often was the Lamborghini Aventador! This video includes a bunch of Aventadors driving around London and making some noise. An Aventador SV, Coupe and Roadster, it's all in the video!
  9. Automotive
    While Chris Brown still awaits a buyer for his infamous Tupac Lyric Lamborghini Gallardo , it hasn’t stopped the rapper from adding to his collection. The car enthusiast recently posted a picture of his brand new Aventador SV on Instagram, and the few glimpses looks incredible. Car...
  10. Lamborghini
    We love our MOLTO VELOCE kit for Aventador. We feel stunned about our 1/10 Limited Edition SV (Spezial Version). We are in heaven seeing our MOLTO VELOCE installed on an Aventador Roadster. But our Limited Edition SV, on a Roadster, is a combo that simply keeps us speechless....
1-10 of 10 Results