1. Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 w/ iPE Exhaust.

    Hey out there. This time I will show you the Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 w/iPE Exhaust + the lift system demonstration. The iPE Exhaust make it so god danm loud and the lift system well take a look for yourself.
  2. 3 Peoples reaction of the Tesla P85D Insane launch mode.

    Here we have a short video of peoples reaction to the insane lunch mode of the Model S Tesla P85D ( 691 bhp or 515kW). Hope you did enjoy the video, make sure to subscribe and share it with your friends.
  3. Lamborghini Gallardo l Vellano VRH Concave

    Lamborghini Gallardo l Vellano VRH Concave F: 20x8.5 & R: 20x11
  4. Range Rover Sport | Vellano VSX Concave

    Land Rover
    Range Rover Sport | Vellano VSX Concave // 24" x 10 all around Enjoy!!! ;)
  5. L4P So Cali Run:: October 15th Saturday :: San Diego ::

    It's that time again. Who needs love? San Diego! Those of us that attended the Station Pizza run had a great time so I have decided to shoot for round 2. The Pizza there is great and the "UNDISCLOSED" Roads we journey on after Lunch are always fun. You can just join us for Pizza and take off or...
  6. Florida Mega Cruise on 12/18/11!!!!

    I am the founder and leader of Vision Autos a rapidly growing car club here in Florida. We will be hosting a car cruise from West Palm Beach to Key West. Please hit 'Attending' under our Facebook Page Log In | Facebook REGISTER FOR FLORIDA MEGA CRUISE Overview The Florida Mega Cruise is...