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  1. Detailing
    A Paint corrective detail of a 2009 BMW 335 Diesel, in the infamous BMW Jet Black that fell victim to poor body shop “detailing” as you will clearly see in the pictures. This 1,700 mile 335d looked far too defected for it’s age, so it was evident that full correction was needed. After getting...
  2. Northwest
    Roy called us and asked us to freshen up his Fly Yellow Diablo VT so that his customer would get to appreciate the full brilliance of the car's paint. We spent about 3 days bringing this car back and we were delighted with the results. It's always a pleasure to have Roy's cars in our shop and...
  3. Northwest
    Should make life easier for all those on the eastside or need a car during the days we are doing the detail work. Inquire within!:clap:
1-3 of 4 Results