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  1. Real Estate
    Flying over the coast of Australia’s Cape Tribulation offers spectacular views of the Coral Sea, a blanket of gorgeous green trees, and you may even come across a self-sufficient, almost industrial-looking luxury home called Alkira. Designed by the award-winning Charles Wright, this home is...
  2. Real Estate
    Buy two for the price of one! These magnificent estates in Mosman, Australia are nestled on approximately 1514 square meters of gently sloping land that stretches down to the water below. Despite being completely separate homes, units 38 and 38A are being sold together, making it a great buy for...
  3. Real Estate
    Surrounded by water that blends into the sky, Villa Blue Water Residence is the product of your sweetest dreams. Located in the Sovereign Islands, a two-billion-dollar suburb in Australia’s Gold Coast, Villa Blue Waters is only a short walk to beaches that look too beautiful to be real. But...
  4. Real Estate
    When the price is only available “upon request” you know the house has got to be a showstopper, and this Australian estate definitely doesn’t disappoint. It’s truly stunning. Overlooking Bungan Beach in Sydney, 16 Karloo features an open plan design bathed in timber paneling, Blackbutt...
  5. Real Estate
    If you’ve got a fear of heights then the latest design from F2 Architecture probably won’t rank as your ideal home - the Australian abode floats 131 feet above the beach. That’s not just amongst the tree tops, it’s right up above them! Featuring breathtaking views of Fairhaven’s beachfront...
  6. Automotive
    Ouch. Talk about bad days. This unlucky Aussie was trying to sell his Lamborghini Murcielago and was taking the potential buyer out to show him what this impressive SuperCar could do. Things were going awesome until he lost control around a bend near Sydney and crashed right into a tree, taking...
  7. Automotive
    Wow. And this is a Hybrid? Porsche has unleashed its awesome 918 on the roads of Australian  Outback in the Northern Territory.  Carrera Cup ace Craig Baird is behind the wheel and sets a top speed of 350km/h. Watch Baird open it up here: gg    
  8. Ferrari
    Hi L4P, Found the site Year and a bit back, love it, check it everyday for what's new. Anyways I'm a 33 y old Architect/Residential Builder from Melbourne Australia, been a car nut since very young. Old man owns (and still) a 95 Lotus Esprit S4s in Azure blue, had it since 98. This is my very...
  9. Supercars
    Lexus of Brisbane has just delivered the #304 Lexus LFA to a lucky customer in Australia. The dealership sense the opportunity for a photo shoot and had the orange LFA join their white LFA #177 for an orientation run through the streets of the Land Down Under. pics and info here: A Pair of...
  10. Real Estate
    Ok, we've been desensitized quite a bit by huge million dollar properties - but this beauty in Australia left us breathless. Check out the pictures, and for more information visit: Property Details for Item 1013367 The full high-quality gallery is at Gold Coast, Australia - "Allegra" | Facebook
  11. European Auto
    These aren't my pics…full story visit [NSW] Cruise to Robertson Pies - 13 March 2011 - PICS! R36...3.6-liter, V-6, 300 hp ADV.1 ADV.1 ADV.1
  12. Lotus
    Took this baby for a run from Melbourne to Sydney a few weeks back, here's just the pics - if you want to read the lengthy review on the experience check here. (click any for hi-res)
1-12 of 12 Results