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  1. 4x4Play
    We get the opportunity to work on some pretty cool cars over here at the Al & Ed's Autosound Marina Del Rey, Ca. We are one of the full shops that specialize in creating custom mounting options for vehicles that really have no other options. This was a great opportunity to use the Focal...
  2. American Auto
    Hello L4P, Were glad to be here we are Del Rey Customs and we do some cool stuff to cars. We had the opportunity to work on a car that came over from RDBLA for a Member of a professional basketball team here in Los Angeles. We Added some cool accessories to the car with some custom LED fog...
  3. Vintage & Classics
    Forgiato 1965 Chevy El Camino Episode 1 - Interior Shop Mock Up So While the Jeep Punisher Is under construction we took in another project that need our immediate attention a 1965 Chevy El Camino, the Audio system was boot leg at best and the the Car was Beautiful sitting on some custom 20...
  4. Porsche
    found this on another forum 996 Porsche Audio PCM Upgrade Alpine INE-Z928HD, Mosconi AS 200.4S Dynaudio - Page 2 - Rennlist Discussion Forums
  5. Electronics
    I have a bunch of audio/video equipment, and I just removed my Mozaex media player to send it back to the manufacturer to have it upgraded. When I was removing it from the rack, I noticed that it needs to be cleaned up a bit when I reinstall it. Lots of wires, but kind of unorganized. Just...
  6. Arts and Entertainment
    Follow Us on Twitter Here For up to the minute post/updates on our custom cars, boats, trucks, and motocycles! Like Us on Facebook To recieve Special Promo discounts on auto detailing, window tinting, headliners, & free car washes! #Six10Lifestyle
  7. Car Audio & Accessories
    Vehicle: 2011 BMW X6 M Components Used in this build: Processor: - Audison Bit One Digital Processor with controller Speakers: - JL Audio W7 12” Subwoofer Enclosure - Focal K2 Power 100KRS 4” component speakers - Earthquake SWS-8X 4 OHM 8” Shallow mount Subwoofers Amplifiers: -Rockford...
  8. Automotive
    Hello everyone, check out our newest spread in Performance Auto and Sound Magazine. Thanks to Need4Speed Motors for the setup! You can click any of the pictures to see the full gallery of this blue IS F with Vossen CV3 wheels!
  9. Car Audio & Accessories
    Brand:Focal Audiom TLR Tweeters (Made in France) Product Description: -High effciency high resolution, competition tweeters precision machined solid -Aluminium face plate -Part precision machined solid aluminium wave guide -20 m.m. 3-4 ferrofluid cooled voice -coil -Inverted titanium dome...
  10. Arts and Entertainment
    I'm curious... No one right now offers a good service for everyday people with serious whips to compete against each other, show off interactively, have contests. They are a lot of people here on L4P that has some serious rides. I am thinking about starting a service that will offer monthly...
1-10 of 10 Results