audi s8

  1. Top 10 Insanely Priced Optional Extras for Your Next New Car

    You’d be forgiven for thinking that because luxury and exotic vehicles have exorbitant price tags, that they’d be fully loaded. Here's a Top 10 of the most insanely priced optional extras that you might want to add on to your next car purchase. Ferrari LaFerrari Carbon Fiber Front End – $333,500...
  2. 2014 Audi S8 - TAG Blackout Package - TAG Motorsports

    Another day, another Audi! This time we added our TAG Motorsports Blackout package to this 2014 Audi S8 Turning this family hauler into something unique. What do you guys think? If you have any questions at all regarding any of the parts you see, please feel free to contact us by clicking HERE...
  3. Audi S8 Teaser "Family Business" by AutoEmotionenTV

    Anyone an idea which family member we visited..??..
  4. new Audi S8 at IAA