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  1. Audi
    To enhance Audi S5 by adding the Armytrix stainless steel exhaust system to increase power, reduce weight, and improve sound. This precision-made performance system delivers more power, especially in the low and mid rev range, the effect on the sound is significant, adding a deep resonant sporty...
  2. Audi
    Special features: *No droning *noticeably hp & torque gain in mid-high rpm *When valves are opened, much aggressive exhaust sound compare to stock *When valves are closed, sound quieter than stock *Advance vacuum actuated valvetronic technology (On, Off, TPS/RPM Auto) *Quality-wise? Top of the...
  3. Audi
    With tons of different wheel options out there, we figured we would give you yet another one..... Our in-house 2013 S5 features a set of OEM RS5 wheels in Titanium finish. The end result was a combo that is absolutely stunning. Words do not do this justice. We will let the photos do the talking...
1-3 of 3 Results