audi rs4
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  1. European Auto
    Check out this brand new 2018 Audi RS4 Avant B9 in some action! We filmed this new RS4 Avant B9 last weekend at a big car meet in Rotterdam! This video includes a lot of revs, accelerations and more action that lets you hear the exhaust sound of the new RS4 Avant B9! Are you a fan?
  2. Audi
    Check out this insanely LOUD Audi RS4 Avant B5! The video includes two different RS4 Avant B5's, but the red one is definitely the loudest! The pops and bangs coming from the exhaust were even louder in person!
  3. Audi
    We have all dreamt of the day when Audi would bring the B8 RS 4 to the States. At this point in the game, we can safely say - that ship has sailed. However, maybe not for everyone. Intro Dennis T… who is about to blow your minds. Dennis is part of the TAG inner circle. Probably one of the most...
1-3 of 3 Results