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  1. New Audi R8 Performance Lands With 612 HP

    The updated Audi R8 has made its official debut, bringing a raft of changes including a powerful new R8 Performance model. With this update, Audi has split the R8 range into two models: the standard 570 hp version and the 612 hp R8 Performance. The R8 Performance replaces the outgoing R8 V10...
  2. Miami Blue 2nd Gen Audi R8 on Gloss White ANRKY Wheels - A Wheels Boutique Production

    Miami Vice eat your heart out. If the classic 80’s show was re-booted in 2018 we have a feeling this would have been the vehicle of choice for Tubbs & Crockett. This Miami Blue 2nd generation R8 sports 3-piece ANRKY AN34’s finished entirely in gloss white with the exception of the black 50/50...
  3. INVENTORY ALERT: ANRKY AN24’s for Audi R8

    INVENTORY ALERT: ANRKY AN24’s for Huracan // R8 Fresh out of machining from HRE’s manufacturing facility in Southern California this set of drop-dead gorgeous forged 2-piece ANRKY AN24’s just arrived & are ready to find a new lucky owner. Don’t wait the 4-8 weeks it takes for a new set to be...
  4. Wheels Boutique's Throwback Thursday Series: Velvet Purple Audi R8 Spyder

    An Audi R8 not easily forgotten – this uniquely colored Velvet Purple Spyder not only sported upgraded looks with the P40SC by HRE but also improved sounds with Akrapovic’s Titanium Exhaust system. Definitely a build to remember. Velvet Purple Audi R8 on HRE P40SC Photos first taken on March...
  5. IN-STOCK: ADV7 Track Spec CS for Lamborghini Huracan + 2nd Gen Audi R8

    IN-STOCK: ADV7 Track Spec CS for Lamborghini Huracan Retail Price - $17,050 Limited Time Price - $10,300 Delivered or best offer Savings of almost 40% This custom forged set of ADV7 wheels just arrived and were taken off a low mile Lamborghini Huracan. Don’t wait weeks to have wheels built...
  6. IN-STOCK: HRE P103’s for Lamborghini Huracan + 2nd Gen Audi R8

    IN-STOCK: HRE P103’s for Lamborghini Huracan + 2nd Gen Audi R8 Retail Price - $11,600 + Delivery Limited Time Price - $9,850 Delivered or best offer This custom forged set of P103’s just arrived from HRE’s manufacturing facility and are ready to find a new home today. Don’t wait weeks to have...
  7. IN STOCK BRAND NEW ADV.1 Wheels | Audi R8 / Lamborghini Huracan

    Hi everyone, We have 2 sets of the wheels shown below in stock. Skip the typical wait time for a forged custom wheel! These wheels are fresh out of the machines and have not yet been powder coated. You can choose from any of our color offerings and we'll have the wheels finished, assembled...
  8. An All-Electric Audi Supercar Could Still be Coming

    Don’t give up all hope just yet for an all-electric Audi supercar. Speaking at the recent Formula E Berlin e-Prix, Audi’s head of development, Peter Mertens, outlined the brand’s plans for its electric vehicles , which include an electric supercar and performance versions of the upcoming...
  9. FOR SALE: ONE Akrapovic Evolution System Left

    Many of us were disappointed when Akrapovic announced that some their best & most popular exhaust systems would no longer be brought into the U.S. market. Huracan, Corvette, and R8 owners (just to name a few) could no longer get their hands on each respective Evolution System for their rides and...
  10. THIS JUST IN: 2nd Gen R8 Akrapovic Exhaust In-Stock

    THIS JUST IN: Akrapovic Slip-On for 2nd Generation Audi R8 The Akrapovic titanium exhaust system for 2nd gen R8's is no longer offered here in the United States on an official level but that hasn't stopped us from getting our hands on one ;) This incredible sounding performance exhaust is Brand...
  11. So You Need a New Winter Beater: Audi R8 V10 Plus vs McLaren 570S

    Each of these cars actually sits at the opposite end of their brand spectrum, the R8 a halo sports car that actually shares more with Lamborghini than any other Audi , while the 570S is the “entry-level”  McLaren (although McLaren also offers a 540C in Canada as well), a company we know more...

    During Cars & Coffee Dusseldorf a lot of loud (modified) Audi R8 V8's and V10's showed up! Amongst them was a Prior Design R8 V10 which definitely caught massive attention! Which do you think has the best exhaust sound? Do you prefer the V8 or V10?
  13. THIS JUST IN: HRE P200 for Hurcan + 2nd Gen R8

    THIS JUST IN: HRE P200 for Hurcan + 2nd Gen R8 Retail Price - $11,600 delivered Limited Time Price - $9,900 delivered O.B.O. This fully custom forged set of P200’s just arrived from HRE’s manufacturing facility and are ready to find a new home today. Don’t wait around for 6 weeks while your...
  14. All-Electric Audi R8 E-Tron Is Dead Once Again

    Audi’s all-electric R8 has been discontinued once again. After being an on-again, off-again project for at least six years, the German automaker showed off the production R8 e-tron at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. Based on the second-generation Audi R8, the e-tron production model features an...
  15. 2nd Gen Audi R8 V10 Plus on HRE P200's by Wheels Boutique

    Now that our own 2017 Twin-Turbo R8 is resting quietly on her 6th custom set of wheels it’s time to see what personal touches our highly valued customers put into their R8’s. This V10 Plus opted for the latest and greatest from HRE – monoblock P200’s finished in an underrated Satin Charcoal with...
  16. This Airbnb Rental Comes Complete With an Audi R8 in the Front Yard

    How does this sound: rent a property, get an Audi R8, and then do as you’d like along the dry lakebed that surrounds the home? It’s the ultimate escape for those who enjoy solitude and speed alike. The piece of property, located out in the Nevada desert, provides a four-star treatment and a...
  17. 2nd Generation Audi R8 Twin-Turbo'd by Heffner Performance with HRE & Wheels Boutique

    We’re usually pretty patient… but it’s really tough when you know your ride is under the knife at Heffner Performance getting a twin-turbo kit installed. Every second of anxiety was well worth it though; a realization we quickly came to after experiencing the first nauseatingly fast...
  18. Adv.1 Summer Sale Event

    Adv.1 / HRE Summer Sale Event As the summer has officially begun it’s time for a little spring cleaning. Below is an extensive list of car models in which we have custom forged Adv.1 & HRE wheels in stock and ready to be shipped out immediately. Some of these wheels already come with a...
  19. BUILD THREAD :: World's FIRST Twin-Turbo Gen2 R8 V10 :: TeamWB & Heffner Performance

    When we took delivery of our 2017 Audi R8 V10 a couple of months back it wasn’t enough for us to just be the first to install performance wheels from the likes of HRE, Adv.1, and Rotiform on a 2nd generation R8 – we wanted more. We carefully brainstormed ways on how to take this German supercar...