audi exhaust

  1. Yup... Another Suzuka Grey RS5 - This time on 20" HRE P101 - TAG Motorsports

    This beautiful 2014 Audi RS5 was driven down from Los Angeles in order to get the proper treatment done on this beast. We approached this build with the thought of making it look aggressive all while keeping it classy and enhancing of the subtle touches that can totally transform the RS. The...
  2. Topless Darkness / Audi R8 Spyder + HRE P101 / TAG Motorsports

    Perfect weekend car that looks about as mean as hell (which we love). This R8 features many OEM upgrades along with a set of HRE’s and AWE tuning performance parts. Check it out! The full list of modifications: -19" HRE P101 Wheels in Satin Black with Red HRE Letters -AWE Tuning Switchpath...
  3. Epic Amounts of Win // Audi RS5 on 21” HRE S107 + KW + AWE Tuning // TAG Motorsports

    It doesn’t get much hotter than this RS5 we just wrapped up. The end result was a true hottie! Truly no words needed so take a look! Modifications Include: -21” HRE S107 in Brushed finish w/ Polish lips -OEM European Headlamps (E-Codes) -KW Height Adjustable Springs -SPC Control Arms -ITG...
  4. Summertime Fun // Audi RS5 on 21” HRE P44SC // TAG Motorsports (Video Content)

    Out with the old in with the new! Since everyone has seen our last infamous Sepang Blue RS5. Which apparently started the HRE S101 trend. :) We decided to move on to a white RS5 and with a new HRE setup, the P44SC. The end result was truly something stunning! We went with a few different things...
  5. TAG Motorsports + Milltek Audi RS5 Exhaust System - Video

    Many of you are no stranger to Milltek and their incredible exhaust systems. Well, they have done it again with their new B8 RS5 Exhaust system. It is a Valved system including resonated downpipes that offers a crisp clean sounding V8 Rumble at all RPM Ranges. Driving Impressions: I drive my...
  6. Another Happy TAG/AWE Customer - Full S5 Write-up & Install Photos + Video Inside

    We all know how incredible the AWE Tuning B8 S5 Touring system looks and sounds... Well, one of our great customers has been kind enough to do a full write-up on the installation and his impressions on the system as he was not local to do the installation at our facility... Let us know what you...
  7. AWE Tuning Porn

    Installed yet another B8 S4 exhaust today. Powa! AWE really is the best exhaust out there for these cars. We wanted to pay some homage to our partners and friends over there! The attention to detail and craftsmanship is top notch! If anyone is interested in AWE products, give us a...