armytrix titanium

  1. WallcePJW Audi R8 with Armytrix Titanium X-pipe Valvetronic Exhaust System, TUNNEL SOUND!

    For those that follow me on Instagram and Twitter (@WallacePJW), you would have seen my pictures of the system arriving in it’s box! I have been amazingly patient and SB Race Engineering have booked me in for tomorrow (Friday 9th May), for my exhaust to be fitted! Let’s discuss a little bit...
  2. Full video of 2014 R8 V8 Brutal Sound with Armytrix titanium valved exhaust system!

    Armytrix exhaust system enhanced the Audi R8 high-pitch tone and more aggressive sound, specially constructed in titanium, achieving the best R8 power to weight ratio, stock weight 31 k.g. compare to Armytrix titanium exhaust 8.6 k.g. More info