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  1. Automotive
    Norton Motorcycles announced a new 1200cc carbon-clad sportbike, claiming a maximum output of more than 200 hp and a dry weight of 395 pounds. The V4 RR is priced at £28,000 (US$34,777) while a special edition V4 SS version is valued at an even more posh £44,000 (US$54,651). The engine is a...
  2. Motorcycle
    Ok so I an almost turning sixteen and I am going to get my youngers bike license and I am looking for a certain style of bikes. Here are the requirements. /// the bike can not exceed a 50cc engine. /// Cannot exceed 31MPH. Not much but I want to look for a reasonable price 50cc bike that...
  3. Motorcycle
    I'm thinking about purchasing the new Aprilia RS4 125. Does anyone here have one? What are your thoughts?
1-3 of 3 Results