1. Hermès and Apple Want to Keep You on Time--Again

    High fashion meets high tech in the newest timepiece collection from Parisian label Hermès and Apple. Expanding on their Apple Watch Hermès Series, the Series 2 collaboration features gorgeous pieces fitted with Apple's signature dual-core processor and retina display (note: it shines even...
  2. Apple's New London HQ is This Gorgeous Old Powerplant

    If you’re a Pink Floyd fan, you’ll instantly recognize the iconic Art Deco power station at the Battersea development in London. You know, the building that appears on the cover of Animals. According to The Spaces, tech mogul Apple will make the building their new London HQ (they must be huge...
  3. McLaren Refutes Reports of Apple Talks, Possible Takeover

    British supercar maker and racecar developer McLaren Technology Group has refuted a report claiming it is talks with tech giant Apple ahead of a possible takeover. A McLaren spokesperson has told  Street Insider  that the earlier report, published in the Financial Times, is incorrect. “We can...
  4. Apple’s Electric Car is On the Fast Track

    It’s no secret Apple wants to build a car. Dubbed ‘Project Titan’, the innovative company has been adding tons of automotive experience to its team, which is growing exponentially. Encouraged by their new additions, Apple has ambitiously bumped the internal ship date of its car sooner than...
  5. This Fancy Swiss Timepiece Comes With an Apple Watch Attached to the Back

    Starting at $10,000 for the higher-end Apple Watches, the iMogul company drew harsh criticism for being too expensive. Watch innovators Pinnacle scoffed at the idea, and have souped up Apple’s flagship product with their own spin on the Apple Watch. The Skyview Pinnacle  from boutique...
  6. Dock for iPad with Lightening Connector?

    Has anyone found a good quality dock/charger for the latest iPad? I just changed out all my iPads to the new model, and I had no idea how much I would miss having a dock to pop them into. I tried using the 20 pin to 8 pin lightening adapter that Apple sells in my existing docks, but it makes the...
  7. iPhone 4s 64GB (Sprint) White w/ box + 2 cases

    I have a 64gb Sprint iPhone 4s for sale. The screen and back are in very good condition. I would give them a 9.5/10. The metal band around the phone has some mystery marks from the previous owner. I have no idea what they are from and haven't tried to get them off (They are just light marks, not...
  8. Real Carbon Fiber iPhone 4 & 4s Case For $20!?

    We are doing group buy special at an insane price! If we get 100 sold, everyone will get them at $19.99! :clap: Each case has a genuine carbon fiber shell with an ultra glossy UV protective coat with velour interior. More details on the site link below! The case fits with all providers for...
  9. Custom iPhone car mounts?

    Hey guys! I am a newcomer to the forum, but I was wondering if you all could share your two cents on an idea I have had. Since I bought my iphone, I have been looking for a quality mount for my car to use the navigation and google maps. Unfortunately, nearly every single product I have found is...
  10. Steve Jobs Tribute Porsche

    Some of you may have seen this on facebook - thought I would share here. I did do a search first - sorry if its a repost. The Original: "Porsche 935 K3 Apple Computer Livery Apple sponsored Garretson Porsche 935 K3 Bob Garretson Enterprise race shop in Mountain View, California was about...
  11. iPhone 5 pic

    iPhone 5 pics With the rumors going around it is looking like the iPhone 5 should be out in Sep-Oct. The new Phone will hopefully have: -dual core -edge to edge large screen -gesture around home button -much thinner -tapered back If this picture is real, it looks like a win!
  12. Apple Mac Book Pro

    I've been looking into buying a laptop for some time now and everyone recommends the Mac Book Pro. Are there any pros/cons I should know before buying? I'm not computer savy other than basic operating procedures. I'm planning on going back to school and will be using it for that. Are there any...
  13. Apple iPad 1st Gen Wi-Fi + 3G (64 GB) + Case

  14. Editing Software

    Any here using MAC, if so whats a good cheap reliable and easy way of editing videos from a HD camcorder with a hard drive? Any sugesstions?
  15. FS: (FL) - Apple iPhone Edge 8GB

    Miscellaneous goods
    The phone is brand new, used for 3 calls. Absolutely perfect 110% condition. - Silver - 8GB - Edge I do not have the earbud headphones for it. Comes with box, AC plug, usb cable, iPhone, and dock in original box. Not even sure what it's worth. Let the bidding start at $200.