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  1. American Auto
    We just can’t get enough of this bad kitty from Dodge. We started the aftermarket wheel craze on these MOPARS with our Black Challenger Hellcat, followed it by creating our very own Grand Cherokee Hellcat, then moved to the Plum Crazy Charger last week, and now we’ve come full circle with the...
  2. Wheels & Tires
    When Hennessey called us for some wheels to put on their new ZR-1 they wanted something lightweight that they could run with the stock tire setup. We knew right away that we had to run our SV34 in our Monoblock configuration. Check out the end result from this amazing collaboration. HPE750...
  3. American Auto
    With some rain, snow and winds hitting us over at the East Coast, we thought this would be a great time to come together and get some appreciation and thanks for the American automotive industry. Only the best and brightest D2FORGED builds done with Camaro's, Corvette's, Caddillac's...
  4. Corvette/Viper
    Hope you guys enjoy this! Wheels + Shoot came out amazing!
  5. American Auto
    Hope you guys enjoy this! Wheels + Shoot came out amazing!
  6. West
    I only stayed for 2hrs from 9am-11am. I didn't see much, but a lot of corvettes showed up. Full set here: Cars and Caffeine 5/12/12 - a set on Flickr
  7. American Auto
    ok guys here's the deal, i found this ad on craigslist for this 2007 Dodge Charger Hemi. The owner said that it needs an engine flush and a little body work, and these repairs should cost $1500-$2000. If that is true, and if the car is running strong, is it worth it for me to go and fix it and...
  8. Events
    So far I have put together a few videos of the footage from the Pre-Reunion weekend. I went down to have fun running around, but managed to be stuck working. Next time I'm not telling them I'm there until the end of the day. Anyways, here is the 1st video.
1-9 of 10 Results