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  1. Asian Auto
    An old shoot of an authentic RE Amemiya kitted FD. I'm hoping to catch up with the owner once the weather clears to shot it with the changes he made...
  2. BMW
    A quick shoot I did of a beautiful F10 535 on 21" MORR Alloys... Be sure to check me out at Facebook for updates.
  3. European Auto
    What a day, what a day...I rolled out to BimmerStock today riding shotgun in a F10 M5 that was part of a caravan including multiple e9x M3's a 997 Turbo & Supra! Don't forget to follow me at Facebook for more updates as I have MUCH more to share... Stay tuned...A L E X A N D...
  4. BMW
    ///Alexandre1983 Photography///E92 M3 + BBS F1 + ESS VT3 + You get the Idea! My buddy called me to shoot his freshly built ESS VT3 M3 with with the Individual then while I was waiting I heard another healthy motor approaching with turned out to be 997 Turbo cab with Fabspeed intake & exhaust...
  5. Events
    The show started at 12, I got there around 12:30 and it was already filled to capacity! I forgot to mention...the park has space for 2,500 cars! Follow me @ Alexandre1983 Photography Fanpage for updates until I finish enough shots for a full thread.
  6. Rolls Royce/Bentley
    Went to the 2013 New England Auto Show with AfterFX Customs who brought their 2012 GT featuring a Mansory body kit, Veilside wing and custom widebody front and rear fenders made in house and figured I post some from the show before my official photoshoot... If you like my work let me...
  7. Asian Auto
    Went to the 2013 New England Auto Show and simply fell in love with this LFA... If you like my work let me know by liking my Alexandre1983 Photography Fanpage. Have a great end to your weekend guys!
  8. Photography
    Wassup fellas?! I went up to the show in Boston with AfterFX Customs last weekend and shot a few of the other cars there. I wanted to shoot more but had to leave early because my daughter caught the flu and wasn't doing well but I plan to provide you all with more than enough this year to make...
  9. Events
    Hey Guys, Last weekend I got to cover the Rally For A Cure event hosted by Ferrari Maserati of Long Island benefiting the Julien Collot Foundation and wanted to share my work with you guys and shine some light on a foundation started by parents who lost their child to leukemia and want to...
  10. Photography
    Figured i'd start a travel photography thread with shots from my trip to Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico which i miss sooooo much with the cold weather creeping in... If you like these follow the Facebook fan page for more!
  11. East Coast
    Wassup Guys, A couple of cars from AfterFX Customs are in the Gumball Rally so I was able to get past the barriers and shot some of the cars Thursday night. They didn't park them in the most photogenic manner but I did my best and wanted to share it with you guys, enjoy! Full set...
1-11 of 11 Results