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  1. Travel
    First class has never looked this classy. Etihad Airways, the national airline of the U.A.E., is now offering first class apartments for $32,000 on board their Superjumbo aircrafts. This means that your long flight to Dubai could feel like a short stay at a luxury hotel. No, this is not an...
  2. Aviation
    How fun would this be? Jetpack flyers from  Jetman Dubai and Emirates A380 just took to the skies of Dubai for this incredible flight... Guess these guys really know what they're doing. This is insanely awesome. Watch for yourself below.
  3. Aviation
    Skip the airport and go straight for the TriFan 600 VTOL instead! Not only does this sweet piece of aviation design use three ducted fans to takeoff and land, but it requires no more space than that of a heliport to do it! Like something right out of the future, the TriFan 600 concept...
  4. Aviation
    Formation flying anyone? Well, not anymore :bitenails:
  5. Aviation
    Here is another one I just so happen to stumble upon and thought I'd share before it gets taken down. It really provides a glimpse into one intricate operation that takes place to keep air travel safe and enjoyable for everyone. I hope you enjoy!
  6. Aviation
    Came across another documentary on youtube. Thought it was a cool find plus it shows how a Maybach is shipped via the MD-11. Enjoy before it's gone!
  7. Aviation
    This might be a stupid question since there aren't many aviation guys here but is anyone here going on any inauguration flights for the new 787?
  8. Aviation
    A little something I came across and thought you L4P aviation buffs would enjoy. :)
  9. Aviation
    Female Pilot lands a vintage B727 in Stormy Weather with 35knot Gusts.
  10. Aviation
    Make sure to 1080p and full screen this and enjoy!
  11. Aviation
    Came across this on the tube. Enjoy! 737s Pilots handled well.
  12. Aviation
    Latvian enthusiasts on Saturday, September, 12, 2009 unveiled a replica of a 1910 Farman 4 aircraft that they built from original, century-old plans. Guntars Senkans, who led a team of vintage plane fans, said they had spent 15 years scouring archives in Latvia and neighboring Russia for plans...
1-14 of 14 Results