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  1. Automotive
    The Koenigsegg Agera RS is officially out of production, with the final example of the Swedish supercar having rolled off the assembly line this week.  The final Agera RS produced is actually a replacement car for the Agera RS ‘Gryphon’, which was totaled during a shakedown test in wet...
  2. Australia
    We were recently given exclusive photos from the Koenigsegg Agera S launch in Signaapore and though you guys would be interested. I'll let the pictures do the talking. For the article and more pictures please click the link below. CULTURE: KOENIGSEGG AGERA S LAUNCH – THE-LOWDOWN Thanks...
  3. Koenigsegg
    Koenigseggs leaseing contract of the factory aswell as parts of the runway has expired, and Peab AB, the owner of the facility, is planning to build a major warehouse aswell as a trucking center on the grounds wich would force Koenigsegg to a new location. According to the article Koenigsegg...
  4. Autos/Auto Related
    Ok, so I know this is going to sound a bit ridiculous, but I have a friend who has a Koenigsegg CCX that he has asked me to help him sell. This car was the last production CCX that made it into the US, and has never been driven by the owner. It has 353 miles, all of which are test miles. This...
  5. Koenigsegg
    Few weeks back I visited the Koenigsegg showroom in Abu Dhabi and I was really surprised to see this with a CCXR. All together this is my 8th Koenigsegg, which 2 of them are CCXR's and 1 Agera. Hope you like the video! For pictures of the CCX, click here! Flickr: 4WheelsofLux's Photostream
1-5 of 6 Results