1. Photography Business Related Questions

    I currently am in the works of a new company that involves both photographers and their clientele, and I need some questions answered (or just opinions). First off is there a big demand for photos of exotic and luxury automobiles? Secondly, is there a market for pictures of boats specifaclly...
  2. Shipped my car from LA to Atlanta and it was damaged, what should i do

    I Shipped my car from La to Atlanta using a company that had good ratings and they hired this really small unprofessional company to ship my car and they damaged my car, i took the car to get an estimate of how much the damage would cost and it was over $1500 and this small company is refusing...
  3. Computer Monitor Suggestions for Photography Work

    So finally after 8 months in my new apartment I am able to get my desktop set back up...but then I remember that I don't have a monitor! I am not in the position to go all out on a new monitor, but wanted to get some suggestions on monitors under $200. At this price point I probably won't be...
  4. Need Advice on getting started

    Okay so I have been relationally smoking cigars for a couple years but nothing serious.. I have a $1 cutter and a bic lighter. Now that summer is coming around and I will be on break from college I am looking to get more serious. I am looking for advice on what to get in terms of a quality...
  5. Trading in my 650

    I posted a few weeks about to see if anyone was interested in buying my '08 650i Space Grey Sport Package (in spite of what some on other forums say, I do, indeed, have the car). My intention was to use it as my fun car until I got around to talking myself in to an S65, but today I test drove a...