adv10 wheels

  1. Spanish Ferrari 458 Italia on ADV1 adv10 SL series

    Good morning family! Today i want to post a customized car made here in my country. It's so difficult to see someone who change the wheels here in spain in their supercars. Spanish people usually don't have that culture. ¿What do you think about it? More pictures here: FERRARI 458...
  2. Holy Hofele! / 2013 Audi A8 on 22" ADV10MV2 SL Wheels & Hofele / TAG Motorsports

    Wheels & Tires
    We are in love with this monster! We decided to give the A8 a little attitude by adding some enhancements such as a Hofele front end conversio, H&R lowering module and some proper sized ADV wheels to fill those massive wheel wells. Additionally, our friends at GIAC added some oommff with their...
  3. An Executive's Sports Car - ADV1 Wheels + BMW 750i by TAG Motorsports

    Its very hard to find the words Classy, Executive and Sporty all together when talking about cars. So we had to make something work.... here is a perfect example of all three meshed into one beautifully equipped BMW 750i with 21” ADV1 wheels. The wheels and the AC Schnitzer Springs really set...
  4. We’re Not Sorry / 2014 BMW X6M on ADV10MV2 Wheels + Vorsteiner + Meisterchaft / TAG Motorsports

    Wheels & Tires
    This 2014 X6M was purchased brand new by our customer and delivered by the kind staff at BMW Encinitas with 7 miles on the clock. Well, we needed to mod it obviously.... This thing is a freaking beast! ADV + Vorsteiner + Meisterchaft + Dinan + AC Schnitzer... What more do you need? #tagtakeover...