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  1. BMW
    Here is a quick look at what has taken place at JP Logistics & Active Autowerke. Here is a brief description of the conversation I (George) and Omar at Active had. Omar: G man I have a M that needs to go to AutoTalent on 5/12 by noon. It is ready to go 5/9 and we need your single car exclusive...
  2. BMW
    YouTube - Active Autowerke 30th Anniversary Movie (I didn't embed it because this HAS to be played in HD, with the speakers turned all the way up) Okay, this might be a re-post but. HOLY F**K. This video is amazing. All of that sexy, just enough anticipation of a Teaser, but you get the...
  3. Automotive
    Ok, it is. Just wanted to wish you all a great weekend! Enjoy!
1-3 of 3 Results