911 gt3

  1. Porsche is Pissed People Keep Flipping Rare GT Cars

    Like not literally people who flip them, but people who are flipping them for profit.  The venerable German sports car maker says it will crack down on people who have been speculating on the rising value of the company's rarer GT variants Speaking with Car & Driver  Porsche’s head of GT road...
  2. Porsche 991 GT3 and Trubo Custom Avery-Dennison Wrap -Los Angeles

    Hi L4P, We are the new kids in town and if you own a Porsche we may just be your new best friends. Now we do cool vehicles and the best way to fully protect that new car paint is to wrap a vehicle in Avery Dennison Supreme Wrap Material. We had an opportunity to wrap not one but two 2015...