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  1. MBZ
    2007 CLS63 that we just freshened up with the help of some BRABUS wheels, a wee bit 'o Carbon Fiber and some Piano Wood conversion. (Sorry for the shit pics on this one, we didn't get done till and the customer hit the highway) Stripped all the wood out and converted from Burl wood.... To...
  2. 4x4Play
    Yeah I know she is more of a pavement queen then full blown off-road machine but she's big, badass and fun as shit. I built this truck 4 years ago and then sold it to a friend that proceeded to trash it and not keep it up. He called me a few weeks ago in and needed to unload it so I picked it...
  3. 503 Motoring
    So here is our contribution to the whole SATIN WRAP craze sweeping the least the West Coast for now. Here is a 2010 Audi S5. Lots of work done to this car but this thread will be solely for the wrap. New thread will be put up to go over all the other stuff.
  4. 503 Motoring
    This is another on going project for Martell Webster of the Portland Trailblazers. His 06 Hummer H2 has been remade a few times and this is the latest rash of mods. Complete new interior with Black leather and black Alcantara suede inserts. Full Alcantara suede headliner, all plastics dyed...
  5. 503 Motoring
    Here is a video that was done on 503 Motoring last year. It's a bit lighter feel than what we usually do but I think it tells the best story. 503Motoring Plus size the video for better viewing.
1-5 of 6 Results