503 motoring

  1. 503 Motoring BLOCK PARTY 2011 August 27th 11am-4pm

    Well it's hard to believe it's already been ten years but we made it through and we are going to celebrate only the way 503 knows how!!! This is V.1 of the flyer and will be updated as additional sponsors and points of interest are added. If you want to be a part of our silver anniversary as a...
  2. 503 Motoring BLOCK PARTY 2011 August 27th 11am-4pm

    Well it's hard to believe it's already been ten years but we made it through and we are going to celebrate only the way 503 knows how!!! This is V.1 of the flyer and will be updated as additional sponsors and points of interest are added. If you want to be a part of our silver anniversary as a...
  3. 503 Motoring + INTERAD Wheels + ZR-1.

    Here is our 2010 ZR-1 with INTERAD Forged Turismo wheels, 20x12 Concave out back and 19x10 fronts. Wrapped in stock rubber and suspension coming soon.....
  4. New G37 coupe with VOSSEN 20" CV-1

    Asian Auto
    Check out this fresh G37 coupe in Athens Blue with H&R Sport Springs and VOSSEN CV-1 in staggered 20" set up. VOSSEN CV-1 20x9 5x1144.3- ET32 with Hankook 245/35-20 VOSSEN CV-1 20x10.5 5x114.3- ET42 with Hankook 285/30-20
  5. Complete color change......2007 Bentley GTC

    Rolls Royce/Bentley
    So we had a new client come in with a 2007 Mulliner GT Convertible and wasn't real satisfied with the color and quality of the paint so we suggested a change........ So tear down was handled quickly. Then....some color....for this we chose Audi R8 Daytona Gray. And this was where we...
  6. 2010 Audi S5 with Capristo Exhaust installed **VIDEO**

    Here is a quick video of our 2010 Audi S5 Project with the Capristo Exhaust installed. Many passes with the electronically controlled vacuum valves open and closed. Enjoy.
  7. • • • • Satin Wrap 2010 Audi S5 completed with H&R/HRE/Capristo• • • •

    So here are the completed shots of our 2010 Audi S5 Project. Full Satin Wrap Capristo Exhaust (video coming) H&R Suspension HRE 20 staggered set up Plate delete Enjoy.
  8. **** 503 Motoring 2009 Toyota Tundra ****

    Here is a project that we worked on for a looooooooong time. This truck has had just about every surface touched on it. 2009 Tundra Crew Max Suprcharged V-8 Heddmann headers 503/Magnaflow exhaust HID conversion heads and fogs color matched chrome Tinted tails/heads concealed lock handles...
  9. %%%% PROJECT Q-Tip ___COMPLETE____ %%%%%

    503 Motoring
    Well here she is for all of you to dissect and talk ish about. Now before you barrage me with a shit load of WHY and WHAT WERE YOU THINKING please remember that this was Martell's vision, this is what HE wanted and this is what makes HIM happy. We are merely showing the quality of work that goes...
  10. Team (.)(.) Or GTFO Aston Martin completed by 503 Motoring

    Here is the Aston Martin DBS that will be the mode of transportation for team (.)(.) Or GTFO meeting up with the Rally in San Fran. 503 Motoring just finished a full Matte black/gold wrap with lots of 3M Dinoc Carbon look vinyl trim accent. Enjoy...
  11. BMW 135i with HRE 563R fresh install!!! 4th set this month !!!!!!

    503 Motoring
    Here are a few quick shots of a BMW 135i we just finished up with HRE 563R in staggered 18" fitment. Matte faces and gloss barrels.
  12. /////// Full matte vinyl wrap on a porsche 996 ///////////

    503 Motoring
    Here is a project we just finished this week, a full matte vinyl wrap on a Porsche 996. There are no seams and ALL panels were done in one piece each. We also added a few more bits to pull it all together. Powder coated the factory twisties and tinted the headlamps too The mirrors are one...
  13. %%%% PROJECT Q-Tip complete makeover %%%%%

    503 Motoring
    So we have a customer that bought a new 07 Quattroporte when they dropped and has barely touched it, we put some wheels on it, tinted it and added a grill and then there it sat.....well with only 5k on the odometer he thought maybe it was time to to move it down the road and find something else...
  14. NOVITEC ROSSO gathering at 503 Motoring for SC Scuderia

    503 Motoring
    Here are some shots from a private gathering we had on Saturday to show off the work of German tuner Novitec Rosso and their fresh twin Suprcharger install for the 2009 Ferari 430 Scuderia. Here are the details of the work performed: NOVITEC RACE Bi-compressor F1 430 including 2 supercharger...
  15. :::::CLS500 with 20" VOSSEN 82's:::::

    503 Motoring
    Just finished this morning in time for Christmas. We also added Adjustable air bars to bring the stance down a bit. Rides perfect and looks great. Thanks to Jaz over at Vossen for helping me get this done so quickly. VOSSEN VVS082 20x9.0 ET25 front with 255/30-20 TOYO T1R VOSSEN VVS082 20x10.5...
  16. 2010 Camaro SS2 first round finished!!!!!

    503 Motoring
    Here is our 2010 Camaro SS2 rebuild. This car came in with 810 miles on the odometer with one request! Make it BADASS!!!! So now the details: Full interior remake with New Leather and Silver Alcantara suede inserts Then we came up with a cool personalized logo for the headrest Added...
  17. Recovered RECARO seats for SEMA

    503 Motoring
    Here is a project we did for a local Subaru performance parts manufacturer PERRIN Performance. They have a 2010 STi heading to SEMA and wanted to add Recaros to it. The problem is that they didn't match the rears. So off we went to see what we could come up with. Well If I do say so myself, they...
  18. {}{ 2009 G550 all finished and hittin the streets}{}

    503 Motoring
    Here is our 2009 G550 that we just completed for the Fiance of Portland Trailblazer Martell Webster. This is our second build for her and let me tell ya, she loves her cars. 2009 Mercedes Benz G550 24x10 FORGIATO ESTREMO White face, black windows, black lip white pin stripe 305/35-24 Vredstein...
  19. Hey what do you guys think of Straight Pipes on a Rover Sport?

    503 Motoring
    ................That's the same thing we said, But we here at 503 Motoring aim to please and when our good friend from NY came into town wanting a little change, well what were we to do. Have a listen.....
  20. 503- 2008 CLS63 remix.

    503 Motoring
    Here was a fun project. The BADBOY 2009 CLS63 Re-Mixed by 503 Motoring. This car is unbelievable to drive and looks so much sleeker and sportier now. THe build is 90% done with the exception of our integrated PASSPORT RADAR, that will be finished in the next week. Please enjoy. 2008 Mercedes...