1. 2020 Mercedes-Benz G550 (FOR SALE)

    If anyone is interested in the 2020 G-wagons we have three of them for sale in Flagstaff, Arizona. The Prices will follow accordingly from the picture. Designo satin grey metallic G550, White with black accent G550, and a all black G550 with chrome spare wheel cover. Grey Satin ($177,515)...
  2. Is this Battleship Gray G550 4x4 Squared The Ultimate Luxury Offroader?

    We all know how imposing the 4x4 Squared can be… but to us, the wheels always left a little bit to be desired. For the most part aftermarket options worthy of such a vehicle were few and far between until HRE came up with a new 8-lug iteration of their already wildly successful TR1 Series...
  3. The Brabus Monster - A Mercedes 4x4 Squared by Team Wheels Boutique

    When the Mercedes G500 4x4 Squared first released, wheel enthusiasts encountered a small problem: who makes a premium custom forged wheel in a 8x6.5 bolt pattern?! The options were slim to none so we set out to work with the engineers over at HRE - using our very own 4x4 G-Wagon for measurements...
  4. Electric Beam Overload - Mercedes G550 4x4² on HRE TR188 by Wheels Boutique

    Over 7 feet wide. 7 feet 9 inches tall. Extended Carbon Fiber Fenders. 18” of ground clearance. 8 dampers and 8 springs. Portal axles as standard. 37” tires and 22” wheels. 4.0 Liter Twin-Turbo V8. Electric Beam Paint. This the Mercedes-Benz G550 4x4². It is loud, and it is unapologetically...
  5. The New Mansory Mercedes G500 4x4 is Luxury Off-Road Insanity

    The Mercedes G500 4x4 2  is a mountain of a vehicle that’s impossible not to notice on the streets, even in factory-standard condition. The wide, flared wheel arches and towering height is imposing, making lesser SUVs shake in its shadow. So you can only picture how menacing the G500 became...
  6. We LOVE Customer Submitted Photos - RS7 + LFA + RANGE + R8 by Wheels Boutique

    Land Rover
    As the largest dealer worldwide for the top custom wheel brands, a large majority of our work actually isn’t local to us. Sure, we get to create a fair amount of fun projects here at WB HQ in Miami but we also rely on our valued customers to send in photos of what we’ve helped them set up. It’s...
  7. Land Rover Range Rover HSE x ADV08 MV2 Standard by Wheels Boutique

    Land Rover
    It’s ok to occasionally go with the simple yet elegant route. Sometimes less is more and that’s clearly conveyed with the Range Rover we have here. Brushed Titanium 8-spoke ADV08’s in 2-piece configuration for this off-road capable grocery getter was the call. The rather subdued overall nature...
  8. Land Rover Range Rover Sport on ADV5.2 MV1 SL by Wheels Boutique

    Land Rover
    Back at it again with the white…Range? Every time we get this British bruiser in-house we like to do something different. We didn’t want this Range Rover Sport sitting too high on these perfectly proportionate 24” ADV5.2 monoblocks so we made sure that a drop was involved. With the help of a...
  9. Defender of the Galaxy, A Kahn Design Widebody by Wheels Boutique

    It really is fun opening the garage doors at Wheels Boutique HQ every morning to see the Miami sun glare off our latest completed project. It’s normally a stallion or bull of the Italian persuasion… maybe a super sedan or hybrid hailing from Bavaria… but rarely do we get to open the doors to...
  10. Toyota FJ Cruiser Ipad Mini Slider Kit with JL Audio Sound System Stealth Box 12w1V3-2

    Asian Auto
    Our kits are the number one choice among the custom car audio community. These kits are designed to be grafted into the dash panel of your car. Fabrication skills are required to install this kit. We build them Custom to order through our online store and are a SoundmanCA authorized...
  11. ICON 4x4 FJ40 Baja 1000 Edition serial #002

    Hey guys, This is my second post on L4P, just want to introduce myself again and kind of explain what i do and what im into. My names Mike, just moved to Fort Lauderdale Florida from NJ to be a part of my good friends company, Eldred Tailored. At Eldred Tailored we build, manage, buy and sell...
  12. SWB Montero and Dodge Raiders

    I think I'm going to pick another one of these up next week in Denver, I've owned 2 before and just like AE86's I can't stay away for too long. They came with either a carb'd 4 cylinder or a fuel injected V6 and either auto or 5 speed manual. What do you think? Does anyone have one?
  13. 2013 Range Rover

    I will be getting my 2013 Range Rover in the first week of February and I am BEYOND pumped so i thought it would be cool for as members get their new beauties to post pictures and owners reviews because there really aren't any out there yet! Let me know if you ordered your too! never had to pre...
  14. 2012 SEMA Show Rolling Big Power Booth- RPB

    Rolling Big Power (RBP) had one hell of a booth this year- SIC truck Bro!
  15. 1976 International Harvester Scout II Build

    This project all stared in early 2011. After years of claiming I would never build another "old" vehicle I decided I waned something different and always wanted one of these when I was in high school so I started searching the net for a vintage IH Scout II. I found a company in Grass Valley, CA...
  16. For Sale Restored 1983 Land Rover Defender 110 300tdi RHD

    Autos/Auto Related
    Painted Vesuvius Orange, on a Galvanised Chassis with a Galvanised Bulkhead. 300tdi engine and 2 speed transfer box coupled to a 5 speed gearbox with a centre locking differential. new alarm with remote c/l etch-primed rear x member and painted black Mantec swing away rear wheel carrier new...
  17. 4X4 Tours in Costa Del Sol

    Land Rover
    Hi All, I know vacation time is over, however, if you are around south of Spain in October, this Marbella car rental agency is organizing 4X4 tours around the cost of Costa Del Sol. If you come over without your car, you can rent a 4X4 through them or though other agencies in Marbella and...
  18. **** 503 Motoring 2009 Toyota Tundra ****

    Here is a project that we worked on for a looooooooong time. This truck has had just about every surface touched on it. 2009 Tundra Crew Max Suprcharged V-8 Heddmann headers 503/Magnaflow exhaust HID conversion heads and fogs color matched chrome Tinted tails/heads concealed lock handles...
  19. 503Tim and his lifted HOE

    Yeah I know she is more of a pavement queen then full blown off-road machine but she's big, badass and fun as shit. I built this truck 4 years ago and then sold it to a friend that proceeded to trash it and not keep it up. He called me a few weeks ago in and needed to unload it so I picked it...
  20. Off Roading

    Is anybody hear into off roading? One of my life dreams is to go on an off roading expedition through europe and africa and all the palces like that! Anybody ever done this kind of thing? Louis123 :D