1. Ferrari
    So L4P people... who want to ride this sexy beast
  2. Ferrari
    Its similar to the porsche green and on that LFA a few months back.
  3. Ferrari
    Video I shot at a Cars and Coffee meet in Florida of a 458 and SLS starting up and revving. (the annoying clicking in the background is the grey GTR, the battery died...haha) Also here is a video of the GTR's, the SLS, and the 458 taking off down the road after the meet: More pictures...
  4. Ferrari
    Check out our latest Video - amazing sounds from this 458 Italia, fitted with the 'Supersports' iteration of our Velocesport Exhaust line. Thanks to our friends at MC Customs.
  5. Ferrari
    Hi guys :) Check out this 458 ......did you like it or it looks stupid ?? Ferrari 485 Italia with Crazy lights - :bow1:
  6. Ferrari
    These pictures are gorgeous! Don't know if they were posted before but here you go!
  7. Ferrari
    Look we just got at our Storage Facility! Going to be loaded up soon and headed down to L4P's own, Symbolic Motor Car Company! This thing is in AMAZING condition. Turn on the jams! :laugh: And you may NOW look at the pics :lol:!!
  8. Ferrari
    Fabspeed Motorsports 458 Italia headers: HUGE power gains Ladies and gents, I am offering a special for a short period of time on our 458 Italia Sport headers. These headers (like all Fabspeed products) are made by hand, in house, in the USA! They are Dyno tested and proven to make power or...
  9. Ferrari
    Click below for high resolution image DESKTOP>> BLACK, GOLD AND A SIDE OF FERRARI - Speedhunters Here's some additional pictures
  10. Ferrari
    Hi guys. So i'm a big fan of this forum, and I have been lurking for a while. So I thought I would contribute with something. This is the only Ferrari and Maserati dealership in Denmark. It is located in Allerød, Nordsjælland... But I guess this is nothing compared to the dealerships you have...
  11. Ferrari
    Hi everyone, Not sure if you've seen/heard the new 458 exhaust by Kreissieg. Just thought I'd post it up. Brought tears to my eyes its so beautiful. Hope you enjoy as much as I did. :lol:
  12. Ferrari
    Look for the RSC Ferrari 458 Italia at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona January 17-23rd. RSC’s Ferrari will be displayed in the ControlledCarbon booth showcasing their ENV® Product and which turned this dream car into a green car. Please stop by and check out all...
  13. Automotive
    And I did a Photoshoot with all of them.. stay tuned. ;) YouTube - MC12 Corsa,16M, 458, Matte black SV at Exotic Car BBQ
  14. Automotive
    I wanted to give this a try and drive the new 458, has anyone done this and if so what is there opinion on it, $400 for a few laps in the ferrari sound good to me.
  15. Automotive
    Its as if the 458 Italia, the Lamborghini Gallardo, and the McLaren F1 all had a baby.
  16. Ferrari
    The red one has a Tubi Exhaust system but the Black is Stock. YouTube - 2 Ferrari 458 Italia's Startup and Accelerate
  17. Ferrari
    To make you (American) guys even more excited, I decited to upload my 4th video of a Ferrari 458 Italia ;) They are pretty popular with me :P This time the video shows the engine, inside, detail and even the car alarm (wasnt my bad!) Check it out if you want: YouTube - FERRARI 458 FULL REVIEW...
  18. Ferrari
    I was lucky enough to get a ride in this amazing masterpiece of artwork. Can't say anything else.. read the video description (: YouTube - FERRARI 458 ITALIA RIDE!! HUGE ACCELERATIONS! Gohm Singen (: :D:D:D
  19. Ferrari
    Hey, I was in Swiss for holiday and saw bad ass cars! Well, this is the first video I uploaded, a 458 Italia cruising around. I also got a ride in one of these 30 mins. later, so there is a better video to come! I got a VIP ticket thingy for the FAB Design factory, I saw quite many SLRs, CLs...