458 speciale
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    Youtube User  Mr JWW  just had the most epic track day of his life. "Sometimes life presents occasions that are so fantastic you have to step back and absorb the moment for all it's worth, because in the blink of an eye, it is all over, and often you only realise just how fortunate you are when...
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    There’s no doubt Ferrari makes some of the most desired supercars on the market. The LaFerrari, the 488 Spider, and the 458 Speciale are all cars that’re constantly coveted by collectors. But it’s surprising to see the not-so-popular Ferrari California sell for a head-scratching $435,000 at the...
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    Check out this gorgeous Ferrari 458 Speciale revving it up, doing several accelerations and drag races versus Nissan GT-R's & others! The exhaust sound of the 458 Speciale is definitely not too bad!
1-6 of 6 Results