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  1. Ferrari
    Built by Baan Velgen Photos: Thomas Van Rooij ADV05 M.V2 SL Series - 2 Piece Wheels Hidden Hardware Finish: Matte Black 21x9 | 22x12 See more here:
  2. Ferrari
    We are excited to introduce a COMPLETE high-performance exhaust solution for the Ferrari 458 Italia! FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | Ferrari 458 Italia Valvetronic Performance Package Fantastically daily-driveable sound and power from Fabspeed's Valvetronic Exhaust System, Sport Headers, Sport...
  3. Ferrari
    Hi all, Any of you who are interested in PUR Wheels Size 20" Front and 21" Rear and a Novitect springs please look at the pictures!. It is in a perfect condition have only been used for 1K Miles, it also comes with a tire PZERO. Both Tires and Wheels is in a very good condition with no curb...
  4. Ferrari
    Hello Ferrari Fans, We have a brand new 458 Italia kit sitting in our shop now looking for a new owner! Looking for the best home for the first Prior Design 458 Kit in the STATES! Give us a call or shoot us an email if you're Interested, trying to move it quickly! ph:866-997-2336...
  5. Ferrari
    This Ferrari 458 Italia PD458 by Prior Design is simply INSANE! What a KILLER Exhaust SOUND! The video includes the custom Ferrari 458 Italia Prior Design doing a lot of DEAFENING Revs and some drag races! ENJOY!
  6. Ferrari
    Can you imagine what we're working on? Have a look at the (photoshopped) image below and post your guesses. The Product is 95% ready and will launch next month. Kindly contact [email protected] for pre-orders and further questions. Thanks to Raphael Belly who took the original photo, you're the...
  7. Photography
    458 Italia by downhillskater2001, on Flickr I could not help it with this 458 , it was a picture moment when i saw it .:whistle:
  8. Ferrari
    DMC is proud to release their take on the 458 Spider today, called the "Elegante". It comes closely after the tuner's recent F12 "Spia" project, which started their quest for an increased market share in the Maranello quarters. Let's start with the Performance Package and the Forged Rims...
  9. Ferrari
    I was completely shocked when I was sent a picture of this car and quickly realised that it was not the normal 458 Italia but rather loaded with Oakley Design aerodynamic bits and pieces. Production of the full Oakley 458 was originally limited to 5 but has since been increased to 7 due to...
  10. Ferrari
    See attached concept render we did for a client that inquired this kind of product after having seen the LaFerrari. Question to the L4P community, especially the 458 owners, should we build that? A) Yes, do it ! B) No, don't ! C) Harlem Shake it !
  11. Ferrari
    Hello Everyone, We are very proud to present to our L4P family the third installment in the Speed Titans: Chronicles series. This one features the story of Rodrigo, owner of a Ferrari 458 Italia and two stunning Porsches. We hope you enjoy the pictures and article, we look forward to hearing...
  12. Ferrari
    Saw this on Arab Motors TV's facebook page :lol: (Wall Photos | Facebook)
  13. Ferrari
    A grumpy driver lost focus on the road in South Africa ended up ploughing through a fence into a pole in his 2 month old Ferrari 458 Italia... What a fail!!!! Check it here
  14. Supercars
    The 550 Italia, created by Lazzarini Design, consists of the Ferrari 458 Italia's powerful V8 sitting inside the Fiat 500 hatchback along with some aerodynamic pieces on the exterior. detuned version of the Ferrari 458 Italia's 570hp 4.5-liter V8, now developing around 550hp. more info and pics...
  15. Ferrari
    Check out John Zhang of 1013mm photoshoot of Matt Alhadeff’s Ferrari 458 Italia tuned by Auto Talent with 20″ Forgestar CF5 Wheels finished in Textured Black Finish. Its amazing how a set of wheels and lowering can totally change the appearance. Specs Forgestar CF5 Wheels Textured Matte Black...
  16. Ferrari
    Didn't see it posted
  17. Ferrari
    Latest shots from Dirk. B&W's 458 Italia. Final shots coming soon.. Photos & Content Courtesy of: Dirk A Photography™ To see more of Dirk's photos and write-ups check out
  18. Photography
    Im Charles, and I'm an LA based car enthusiast/photographer. I just love taking photos of things, especially cars and surfing, because those are the things i love most. If your in LA, I'm usually at super car sunday, Targa Trophy, and some other events here and there, just look for the blacked...
  19. Ferrari
    just found some of the pics i took from the last targa on my computer and decided to share them. Gotta love rally's in LA
1-20 of 27 Results