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  1. Ferrari
    Hey Everyone! Caught some video of a 430 Scuderia flexing it's exhaust pipes at our local cars and coffee meet up. Loud enough to set off a car alarm near the end of the video... Enjoy!
  2. Ferrari
    I want to see how much my 2008 Ferrari F430 is worth out of curiosity and I know for normal cars you can use Blue Book but is there any possible way to do that with a Ferrari or any other super car? (Excuse my stupidity, I'm new here... :D)
  3. Ferrari
    Look we just got at our Storage Facility! Going to be loaded up soon and headed down to L4P's own, Symbolic Motor Car Company! This thing is in AMAZING condition. Turn on the jams! :laugh: And you may NOW look at the pics :lol:!!
  4. Ferrari
    Hello everyone, We want to share with you this 430 Scuderia project that we completed a few months ago. We are excited to be part of this community and look forward to sharing more exciting projects with everyone. I hope you enjoy it! Any and all feedback is greatly appreciated. 430 Scuderia...
  5. Ferrari
    [url =] YouTube - Special Color Ferrari 430 Scuderia A Monaco [/ url] RATE AND COMMENT .. PLEASE !!!:):):)
1-7 of 7 Results