370z exhaust

  1. 2014 Nissan 370Z with Armytrix Super Sport Exhaust System + advance wireless remote control module

    Asian Auto
    Special Features: Extremely loud race mode plus street mode in one price Wireless valve control system in 3 function, only one in the market so far Unique high-pitch loud exhaust sound No idling raspy sound comparing to other valvetronic exhaust system. Less raspy sound at WOT comparing to...
  2. Full video of Nissan 370Z x Armytrx Evolution Valvetronic Exhaust System - OFFICIALLY BADASS!

    Asian Auto
    Nissan 370Z fitted with full set Armytrix Evolution Valvetronic Exhaust, ENJOY THE VIDEO WITH LOUD AND AGRESSIVE SOUND! For more product information, please visit dB testing
  3. Infiniti G37 Coupe and Nissan 370Z installed with Armytrix Evolution Exhaust system, loud revving sound!

    Asian Auto
    We received many inquires from customers demanding for louder and higher-pitch sound for their 370Z's, here it is! Check out our product pictures in Nissan 370Z product pictures Special features: *higher-pitch and louder exhaust sound *no vibration *extra boost in horsepower and torque at...