1. 2014 Mercedes CLA Testing In Southern California

    Last weekend I just happen to come across the new CLA testing. Only the third prototype car I've seen, so its pretty cool to run into these kind of things and see the driver's face when they notice you've got em haha.
  2. BMW 7 Painted To Be A Veyron

    Found This BMW 7 With A Paint Job Like A Bugatti Veyron. Good Or Bad?
  3. Lexus LFA Nurburgring Edition @ SCS

    Asian Auto
    It was a pleasant surprise to see this car today! Some pics on my Flickr page. Flickr: 30secondCarMasta's Photostream
  4. Custom Red & Black Veyron With Black Rims!

    A customized Veyron, with the stock rims painted black rather than the chrome. Personally, I like it the subtle but noticeable mods.
  5. R8 in Blue?

    I personally like it, although I want to see carbon fiber sideblades
  6. Ferrari 458 in Green?

    Its similar to the porsche green and on that LFA a few months back.