Hey Guys!

I had the pleasure of eating some fantastic food at the weekend so I thought I would share my experience with you all! First off I dont claim to be a food connoisseur, for one I dont have a varied enough pallete and secondly I am now where near eloquent enough to describe the tastes properly.

Warning Massively long post below!

I have however eaten a lot of pizza and pasta in my time! Pasta is just behind steak as my favourite food of all time! I have eaten all manner of weird and wonderfull pasta and pizza dishes from all over the world and absolutely love the subtle differences each dish can bring from another!

Recently (about 4 months ago) a new italian restaurant opened its doors in a little village local to me (Chilbolton near Winchester, Hampshire, United Kingdon), set in an old pub you really wouldn't know what lurks beyond the doors. Its owned by two gentleman, one of whom has been a winchester resident for many years and hails from Italy originally, his day job is running a small (and superb) italian delicatseen/News agent, in the heart of Winchester.

I first went to the Abbots Mitre about 3 months ago on a sunny Sunday afternoon, having been driving round some of my favourite roads during the morning I thought it was time to park up and enjoy some food, My dad (in the car with me at the time) suggested this new pub/italian that he had been told about, that was convienently a few miles from where we were, (and happens to be on one of the best roads in the Winchester Area) so off we headed.

We decied to have Pizza as a starter and Pasta as a main. The food was fantastic. Absolutely fantastic, the pizza bases where an italian thin-crust style with nicely crisp edges, with superb toppings that didnt overcrowed the dish. The pasta afterwards was even better, I woul put the Carbonara I had in my top 5 Pasta experiences of all time. My dad had a Bucatini Alla Amatriciana which was equally stunning. The best part was each dish cost £10 maximum, the carbonara was as little as £7.50 (and the portions were well sized too), all the ingredients are freshly made, locally sourced with anything that needs to be imported, done so through the deli's italian counterpart.

Since then I have been back well over 10 times, with freinds, dates, family and not once have I come away anything but stunned at just how good the food is for the price. Thoose that have come with me have equally been stunned!

I cant praise this place enough for bringing some authentic Italian Cuisine (the menu goes well beyond Pizza and Pasta) to an area so dominated by mediocre chain places.

If you are ever in or around the Hampshire area, (friends have come from london just to sample the food before) and want a nice relaxed drive with some brilliant food as a pit stop, let me know and I will give you all the route info you need.