Hey fellas just an update... we've long been carrying a full line or more solid and/or adjustable suspension links for some time now (and thanks for the support btw) but we've added a new addition to the line up in the form of these LCA's (lower control arms):

At $950 a pair they include the solid spherical inner-monoballs and thrust arm bushings as well as some shims for adjusting camber. For those of you with non-RS' and the non adjustable ones in the rear these might fit the bill for your. The other advantage is not only are they less money than the factory but you won't need to "butcher" and press out your old bushes. You can just keep them aside in tact and save on some labor too. We've been using these for well over a year now and it's safe to say they've not only been working but they've been lasting out here and other areas of the US on some of our "pristine" roads:roflmao: