This is a quick How to Video to help people fix the the condensation problem found in aftermarket LED tail lights

Condensation Explanation from JAD Engineering and Del Rey Customs
We have discussed this phenomenon with our engineer and they said this is a normal situation. We call it "Condensation or Fogging". When there is a temperature difference between the air inside of the lamp and the outside atmospheric air temperature condensation may form. The seal is not broken or leaking. The lights are properly function and it will not cause any damage to the LED components. Now, we would like to explain what caused this kinds of situation. Mother Nature. In reality it Science.

“In Cold, Humid, or Rainy conditions; this may be more of a problem due to higher dew point in these areas or after a car wash. Try to hand wash your car and avoid high pressure sprayers. The high pressure may force water into the venting chambers of the lights. LED operate at a lower temperature than standard halogen bulbs. It less noticeable on Halogen assemblies, but we have seen fogging in these instances as well.

Due in all, Tail Lights are always designed and made with some breathe holes to help counter this undesired phenomenon. The location of these breather chambers are set at the middle or bottom area (not at the top area) of the light to avoid the water coming into the assembly. The purpose of these holes is for the airflow and to exhaust of ambient air when you turn on the light and drive the car. But when it is raining, after a car wash, or when the air (atmosphere outside of the light ) is full of the mist ( dew point, humidity, thinner air at high altitudes ), some water molecules will come into the light through the light's glass or sealed area due to the capillarity (plastic expanding and contracting under rapid temperature changes). When you turn on the light, the light causes those water molecules to become the fog or steam mist.

Actually, all mist should be exhausted to outside of light through those breathe holes. But if the outside temperature is lower, or in cases of high humidity or an elevated Dew Point, the temperature will causes all mist to become the water molecules. Similar to putting ice cold water into the glass, you will find the mist coheres all outside of glass due to the outside temperature is higher than inside temperature. The glass may even sweat. Now inside the LED housings water molecules may cohere to the area of the lowest temperature inside the light causing this condensation phenomenon in the area which the light can not be illuminated. For example in the corners or in the center where the blinker and reverse lights are located.

Therefore, when you turn off the light, you could find there is the condensation upon the glass / lens after few or a couple of minutes especially in the raining day, humid day, after a car wash or in elevated areas. It is due to the temperature of inside light is changed very fast. Also we have seen cases when colder climates under 45 degrees, when the car is started and heat from the exhaust and motor rapidly heats the air around the light and the temperature inside the light assembly are cooler the condensation phenomenon can appear. But anyway, the condensation should be gone within 20-40 minutes after driving or when the car sits for a period of time and the temperatures normalize. It only a temporary phenomenon and there is no rhyme or reason to it. We have found it to be inconsistent when it occurs. There have been reports of condensation one day and then no persisting issues for weeks or even months to follow.”

If there is physical water inside the light after a period of time please feel free to ship the lights back to us for inspection. If after inspection we will determine if there is a bad seal, we will warranty the lights. Condensation is no covered by our advance exchange policy so please save the box and you stock lights.
Included is 4 breathers and all you need is 3/16 drill bit to install them please make the bit at ¼ inch.
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