Vacation in Luxury On Mykonos Island

Booking travel plans for the Caribbean is great and all, but after a while you may lose interest in the beauty of the Jamaican waters or Cuban music (as sexy as it is). When it’s high time to book an all-inclusive somewhere a little bit further away from home, you may consider this stunning resort in Greece where the amenities are spectacular and the views are just as inspiring.


The Myconian Kyma nestles in the beautiful island of Mykonos and is slated to open this May. In typical Greek fashion, the resort features plenty of white walls however it is far from plain.

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The rooms have a minimalist decor and feature modern furnishings with a splash of color, such as a yellow chair or natural wood table.

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Wander from your room and you’ll find plenty of places to appreciate the blue skies and water, which seem to meet and blend into one another at the horizon.


If you grow weary of swimming in solitude, Myconian Kyma boasts a large communal swimming pool with poolside deck chairs for sun bathing.

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For a more private setting, there are also lounging areas perfect for chatting with your friends once the sun goes down.


The restaurant is also a delightful place to be. Keeping with the rest of the resort’s decor, the restaurant features white ceilings, powder blue seats and a gorgeous stone wall.


The other side of the restaurant has a little touch of femininity with its hot pink chairs and dusty rose benches and pillows.


When the sun goes down, the outdoor and pool lights turn on. On Mykonos Island, the party never ends.


[ Source: Airows ]