This Cottage on Wheels is Full of Luxury Surprises

What do you get when you put a luxury tiny home and an RV together?

An all modern, eco-friendly house on wheels known as the ESCAPE Traveler. Hand-crafted by the ESCAPE team in their RVIA Certified plant, the Traveler offers a small space that feels large and is perfect for families seeking adventure on the road.

Hook it to your truck (read: even a standard pick-up can handle hauling it around), find your destination and then easily set the energy-efficient space down. All the amenities of a normal home are included for maximum comfort like a living room with fireplace and big screen television, full-size kitchen and bathroom, a large table that does double duty as both a dining or work space and even on-demand hot water!


The Traveler’s also got a ton of storage for the items you just can’t leave behind, which includes friends and family members (it sleeps up to six people). Full windows help to fend off any issues with claustrophobia and the on-board laundry room deals with any dirty clothes caused by a day outdoors.

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