This Chilean Resort Has the World’s Largest Pool

A vacation fantasy turned into full blown reality, the world’s largest luxury swimming pool exists – not in heaven, but at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile.

Awarded the Guinness World Record for largest outdoor pool in the world, the San Alfonso’s most popular amenity stretches almost 20 acres and holds up to 250 million litres of water!

At least we know who to call the next time there’s a drought. Anywhere.


But it’s not just all about the quantity of water that this massive pool can hold, one of the coolest things about the lagoon-styled swimming pool is what the water looks like (and how it gets there in the first place). Thanks to green technology, the water gets pumped from the Pacific Ocean and is then filtered and treated to get rid of all of the salt. The result is a transparent and beautifully turquoise coloured body of water.


Responsible for designing the San Alfonso’s pool is Crystal Lagoon, a company best known for creating artificial bodies of water all over the world using clean energy technologies. It ain’t just about record breaking resort pools with Crystal Lagoon, the green organization has helped launch over 80 water projects in 35 countries.

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