This Bora Bora Resort Is Up For Sale—And Might Be the Deal of the Century

This stunning 10-acre property in Bora Bora is up for sale for a mere $3.2 million which, considering other multi-million dollar resort and estates in this area, is an absolute steal.IMage1BoraWhile not much is known about this property, potential buyers can take one look at the photos and be awed by its lush beauty.Image2BoraThe property’s building takes up a whopping 2,690 square feet and contains a total of eight partial baths. Inside, the rooms are similar in decor: simple, functional and tasteful.Image3BoraEvery single one of the bungalows also has a private terrace where you can watch the tides roll in with your loved one. Surrounded by coconut palms and fragrant flowers, this property will no doubt make you forget all of your worries and your stress will flow out faster than you can down cocktails.Image4BoraThe beach bungalows’ rainwater catching system, solar panels and back-up generates means they are completely self-sufficient.Image5BoraThis property can either be turned into a resort, where you’ll slowly be able to see the fruits of your investment or you can turn it into a getaway for (or from!) your family and friends. Located nearby are two luxury hotels: The Intercontinental Thalasso Hotel & Spa as well as Le Méridien.Image6BoraWhatever you decide to do with this property, remember to keep one of the bungalows for yourself so you can take full advantage of Bora Bora’s electric nightlife and gorgeous views.Image7Bora

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