The Spa House in South Africa is The Epitome of Tropical Luxury—Look Inside

Designed by an award-winning architect, The Spa House is an ultra-modern villa getaway that’s the crown of Cape Town.

Visitors enjoy the luxurious amenities provided while taking in the rugged Cape Peninsula Mountain Ranges through floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The entire property is picturesque, from the pristinely manicured lawns to the surrounding oasis-like pool.The Spa House is conveniently located on one of South Africa’s most popular coastal strips, too. The sea at Hout Bay is just a few minutes away, a fishing village that’s full of character and charm. Visitors can spend the day taking in the quaint town, then return to their luxury villa in the evening for the best views of Cape’s spectacular sunsets.capetown_spahouse_03The villa features three original bedrooms and spaces for guests, with their own pools, decks, loungers, and marble-clad spas. There’s no better place to immerse yourself in a book, or reset with a reinvigorating swim in the crystal blue waters.capetown_spahouse_09There’s a ton to do and see in Cape Town and Hout Bay, but with accommodations like these, no one would blame you for spending a lazy day at the pool.capetown_spahouse_06 capetown_spahouse_04 capetown_spahouse_05 capetown_spahouse_07 capetown_spahouse_08 capetown_spahouse_14 capetown_spahouse_13 capetown_spahouse_11 capetown_spahouse_12