These Maldives Mini Castle Villas Boast the Greatest Oceanviews Ever

Soneva is set to open a luxury villa resort in Maldives which will feature stunning views, beautiful interior decor and is sure to give every guest an unforgettable experience.

1MaldiveThese exquisite slices of paradise is comprised of 24 water villas and one island villa…for now. More will be added once these villas are up and running. These villas include 18 units featuring one-bedroom water retreats, four units with two bedrooms, one three-bedroom Water retreat, one three-bedroom Water Reserve and the island villa boasts four bedrooms.2MaldivesEach villa has simple, elegant island decor (thanks to Eva Shidasani, Soneva’s co-founder) and your own private pool (which you may or may not care about, considering Maldives’ crystal-clear turquoise waters).3MaldivesThe best part? Each villa’s master bedroom will have a retractable roof at the touch of the button so lovers can romance under the stars.4MaldivesYour private villa’s outdoor amenities include a swanky bohemian-styled bar, plenty of outdoor relaxation areas and even an outdoor jacuzzi to unwind and de-stress.5MaldivesOther amenities (not in your villa) include a dive centre, observatory, spa, children’s den, organic gardens and even an outdoor Cinema which will be the first “silent cinema” in the Maldives. This means rather than using loud speakers, each guest will have bluetooth earphones to watch movies so as not to disturb the wildlife- talk about attention to detail! We can’t wait until this gorgeous resort is up and running.6Maldives[ Source: LuxuryLaunches]