Live Like A Millionaire Monkey In These Tropical Treehouses

If during your childhood, you would spend hours and hours in the raggedly old treehouse your dad built for you, you’re going to love this adult-sized treehouse available in Mexico.


Perched 6 feet off the ground, these 700-square feet treehouse come equipped with a king-sized bed, private bathroom (with an open-air shower!), a lounge area with a hammock and balcony with an ocean view sure to take your breath away.


The treehouse is in Playa Viva resort in Mexico and is surrounded by a ton of palm trees and a mile-long private beach. Safe to say, there’s plenty to do than just lazy around in your treehouse bed all day (but we totally understand if you do).


Rates are $445-620 per night (depending on seasonality). This includes all meals, drink, daily yoga, in-room safe and wifi (because, let’s be real, you’d want to let all your friends know how awesome your room is!)


[ Source: BlessThisStuff ]