Here’s How You Can Spend The Night in the World’s Most Luxurious Hotel For Free

Have you ever wondered what a top luxury hotel looks like? What it sounds like? What it feels like? As always, Google has the answers to your most complicated (and expensive) questions. Google is using its Streetview mapping software to give you a 3D online tour of the Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, the world’s most luxurious hotel.

The futuristic structure can only be accessed by helicopter or private bridge from Dubai, and it is a mystery to anyone who can’t afford to spend thousands of dollars for a one-night stay. But thanks to Google, you can spend a lonely Friday night exploring the visions and sounds that fill the rooms of this luxury hotel in the comfort of your pyjamas. Here are 10 highlights from the Google tour:

When you enter, you are greeted with a cup of tea and an assortment of fine chocolates. lobbyYou’re also given a 24-carat gold iPad during your stay to act as your personal concierge. Oh, and then there’s this thing — the world’s tallest atrium. Sort of impressive, right?atrium atrium2For $15,000/night you can get a two-storey royal suite, equipped with a marble staircase. royal suite staircase royal suite staircase2This is how royals dine, right?royal suite diningroyal suite study royal suiteWhile you swim, a lifeguard will watch over you like a guardian angel. poolWhile you bathe, the private butler will patiently wait to cloak you with a fancy towel. bathroomWhile you eat your favourite seafood dish, tomorrow’s meal will swim in the aquarium that surrounds you.aquarium restaurant aquarium resturant 2 aquariumresturant2Is this an intergalactic space bar? Close, it’s the Skyview Bar.skyviewbarAfter a hard day of luxurious living, you can get your beauty sleep in this gorgeous bed fit for Arabian royalty.BEDFinally, when you’re bored with the extravagance, take a trip to the helipad and fly back to your mansion.helipadNow it’s time for you to pour yourself a glass of champagne and check it out for yourself. Start your trip here.